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WMS Research Libguides: Unit 1 Changing Moments

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Engaging Scenario 8th ELA: Unit 1

Andy Warhol once said, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for fifteen minutes.”

A news network is creating a reality show based on these words. The producers will feature 8th grade students and the interesting lives they lead. As we know, everyone has a story, everyone has gone through something that has changed him or her. What is your story? Will it be featured on the show? You’ve been commissioned by the producers to present a classmate’s story. This show focuses on “Changing Moments” so each submission to the producers will be a narrative detailing a moment or experience that changed someone’s life. As one of the show’s writers, you will conduct an interview to gather personal information about your featured classmate. Once your narrative is published and distributed to the 8th grade students, there will be an awards ceremony honoring everyone featured in the show. As the author of the narrative, you will also create an award to honor that person based on his or her most significant experience or character trait. Can you give this person the fame and credit he or she deserves?

The Writing Process

Online Picture Books

Character Traits